This 6-year cash flow statement template is specifically designed to assist those in the pig farming business: beginners and existing businesses. The pig farming business is lucrative for beginners, yet it has a high risk which comes predominantly from pig flu. Therefore, you must plan your finances and tailor them to your business plan.

For those who wish to start a pig farming business, the financials are usually crucial for the following reasons:

  • You will always be ahead of your business and know how well it is doing
  • You will be able to measure and compare your Key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you are on the right path
  • You can easily request loans and financial assistance if your numbers are right

With this cash flow statement template, you can download a suitable business plan to assist you to build a lucrative pig farming business. Choose any of the following pig farming for beginners business plan:

Pig farming business cash flow statement template

This template is divided into the following sections:

  1. The instructions: narrates how to use the cashflow template
  2. Data entry: where you will enter and edit data for your financial reports
  3. 1-year cashflow: a cashflow financial report based on data entered
  4. 1-year profit & loss: profit and loss statement based on the data entered in the data entry section
  5. 6-year cashflow: a cash flow financial report for 6 years
  6. 6-year profit and loss: profit and loss statement for 6 years

This cash flow statement is designed so that you can take charge of your business finances. You can adjust figures entered in the data entry section to test different scenarios of your business. You can also use the financial report for future analysis. This template is useful for both beginners and existing businesses.

If you want your business finances within one year, you can opt for the 1-year cashflow statement template.

To get help on how to use this cashflow statement template, visit this post: Cashflow for Pig Farming Business,