This research work examined Child Abuse: Causes, Effects, and Remedies in Andoni Local Government of Rivers State. Four research questions were answered with five questions complementing each research question. The sample size was three hundred (300).

A validated structured questionnaire was administered to the randomly selected respondents by a simple random sampling technique. Three hundred validated questionnaires were analyzed. Frequencies and simple percentages were used in analyzing the data. The result revealed that emotional problems, economic crises, depression, and mental health problems are some of the general causes of child abuse.

The findings also show that minor injuries, severe brain damage, and death of the child; serious health problems that can adversely affect a child’s development and result in irremediable lasting effects are some of the effects of child abuse. In addition, it was found that educating parents about warning signals that indicate that the child is having difficulties managing anxiety, powerlessness, or anger can help; helping the child’s parents/caregivers address issues of role reversal, boundaries, and setting limits that will not affect the child; removal of the abused child or the offender from the home can remedy child abuse in Andoni LGA.

It is recommended that parents and caregivers should put the future of their children at heart and endeavor to create such a relationship that will encourage their children to focus on opportunities and to give positive feedback about their behavior.

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