This piggery farming business plan is created to assist you to create your business plan from the scratch. It is an essential tool for pig farming for beginners. It is a business plan example that will help you understand how to effectively create a functional business plan for your piggery farming business. As a business plan example, you can use it as a template for any other business you can think of.

Our focus on this sample business plan is on production & packaging. You can use the information here or replace them appropriately for your type of business. Use this business plan to seek loans or financial assistance from would-be investors. For your financials, you can check any of the following cash flow statement templates:

Ensure that you replaced the hypothetical business name used in this business plan with yours. To give you a clue, below is the executive summary:

Piggery Farming Business Plan: Executive Summary

Packed-Pig Ltd. is an agro-processed company that engages in the production of animal protein as a food supplement. Its products range from processed pork to manure for farmers.

According to the statistics gathered by the researcher, the demand for pork is growing daily. This growth has led to queues in front of morning butchers who sell pork to households and small businesses. Pack-Pig processes and delivers pork to households and businesses at affordable prices.

Pack Pig Ltd. has highly capacitated machines and staff that process and packages mature pig into pork. This processed pork will be delivered to businesses and identified households at the doorstep.

The market for pork is increasing daily. Households and businesses are continuously scouting for pig and pork products to meet the rising demand. We identified 3 segments of the market that will drive demand. They include the export market, business, and consumer markets.

Many businesses are serving the same market. These businesses either produce piglets for resale or mature pigs for resale. With their capacity combined, they could only meet 25% of the market demand. Our areas of competitive advantage include our products, product features, size, and sales strategy.

To efficiently and effectively deliver on our promise, we have employed experienced and committed team members. Also, my experience in leadership, having worked with the UN for 15 years, will help us make progress.

Considering that quality is our watchword, we are seeking to purchase equipment & machinery worth N3,000,000. In general, to increase our working capital, we are seeking a loan of N10,000,000.00. Our sales forecast reveals turnover of N15,200,000, N24,950,000 and N34,575,000 for the first 3 years respectively. With estimated average yearly expenses of N18,350,000, we will be able to pay back the loan in 3 years.

Our experience in disease control helped us to keep the mortality rate at25% compared to the 55% industry average 2years ago. With our focused team who is determined to lead the pig export market, success is within our hands.