This is a startup business plan template for all purposes. It will assist you in creating a marketable business plan for your proposed business. Note that getting investors to fund your idea does not lie in creating an amazing business plan. But it lies in creating a business plan that works.

So, be part of your business by creating a business plan that works using this startup business plan template. Let your passion and determination to make your idea work reflect in your plan.

If you have any questions on how to use this business plan template, contact us. This is not a sample business plan, but a description of the components of a marketable business plan. To purchase a sample business plan, visit the following products:

To get a clue about the content of this startup business plan template, look at some of the features:

Startup business plan template: Executive summary

Hint: Summarize the entire business plan in one page, paying attention to the following

Business Overview

Describe the business in one or two sentences. [e.g. Grabury & Broadbury is an agro-processing food company that engages in the production and packaging of cereal products.]

The Problem

Present the problem your business intends to solve in one or two sentences. [e.g. The ban placed on the importation of rice into the country, has led to a shortage of rice to meet consumer needs. Locally produced rice has a low quality to meet the taste of the average and elite in society. There is a need to improve the quality of rice to capture this target market and stop their craving for foreign rice.]

The Solution

How will you solve the problem identified above? [e.g. Grabury & Broadbury is positioning itself in the agro-processed sector to produce and package high-quality rice to meet the demand of the average and elites in the society]

The Target Market

Specifically, describe your target market noting your ideal customers. This includes the people you believe will buy your products. [e.g. The market for rice in Nigeria is broad, and there is demand for different qualities of rice, based on class. There are three classes: the poor, average, and elite classes. From available statistics, the elites consume about 55% of all rice imported into the country before the ban. This statistic presents actual sales of 34 million bags consumed per annum by the elites. The ban and non-availability of quality local rice have increased the rate of smuggling. We believe that with the elites, we have a considerable market for our products.]

The Competition

Consider other businesses targeting the same market and giving a similar solution you are offering. What differentiates you and them? What is the edge you have over them? [e.g. There are large farms and rice processing companies all over the country. These companies produce and market their products throughout the country for the household. A closer look at their products reveals a lack of product differentiation. We will capitalize on this to push our product to the target market.]

The Company and Team

Do you and your team have the capacity and skills required to drive the course of the business? Who and who are in your team and what are their qualifications? [e.g. Haven worked in a rice mill for 15 years, and I have the requisite experience and passion to drive this company to success. G&B has a team of 15 highly qualified and experienced personnel who believe in the vision of the company and are committed to exceeding targets.

The Financial Outlook

Briefly narrate the financial outlook of the proposed business, paying attention to the capital requirement, projected sales, expenses, and profit. Summarize your estimates in a chart, if possible. [e.g. Considering the quality of our proposed product, we are seeking to purchase a destoning machine worth $50,000. In general, to expand our premises and increase our working capital, we are seeking a loan of $250,000.00. Our sales forecast reveals a total revenue of $1,200,000, $2,950,000 and $4,575,000 for the first 3 years respectively. With estimated average yearly expenses of $1,350,000, we will be able to pay back the loan in 3 years.

The Milestone & Traction

So far, our production capacity is far lower than our demand. We are targeting a production capacity of 100bags per day to meet our yearly target of 31100 bags per annum. With the fund, we can reach and even exceed this target.