This thesis was an appraisal of the teacher management function of the Anambra State Post Primary Schools Services Commission. It covered the six education zones in Anambra State. The study involved four research questions and four hypotheses.

A descriptive survey design was used and the study involved a sample of 50 senior staff of ASPPSSC and 254 principals. There was no sample and sampling technique to determine the sample size for the study seeing that the population of this study was 304 subjects which comprise 254 secondary school principals and 50 senior staff from grade level 10 and above in the Anambra State Post Primary Schools Services Commission, Awka.

An instrument for data collection was a 42-item researcher-developed questionnaire with four sub-section on teacher recruitment (10 items) and teacher promotion (10 items), teacher posting/transfer (12 items), and teacher discipline (10 items). For the reliability of the instrument, Cronbach’s alpha method was used to determine the internal consistency of the questionnaire items.

Validity of the instrument was carried out by three senior lecturers, one from Educational Administration and Planning and two others from Measurement and Evaluation in Science Education Department, all from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.

The method of data collection was that the researcher with the assistance of two trained research assistants visited and gave copies of the questionnaires to the principals in their schools and the senior staff of ASPPSSC in their offices. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviations, and z-tests. Z-test statistics were used to test the hypotheses.

The results among others revealed that Anambra State Post Primary Schools Services Commission’s adherence to the teacher recruitment/selection criteria and procedure in the teacher recruitment process in the state was low. Its adherence to teacher posting/transfer criteria and procedure was low.

Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that the Anambra state government should decentralize the teacher recruitment process such that schools’ education zone and specific schools for which teachers are being recruited would be part of the process. The government should set up an independent teacher management evaluation committee whose membership would comprise school principals, teachers, and representatives from the ministry of education. Suggestions for further research were also made.

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