The study involves theological education and pastoral ministry in Assemblies of God, Nigeria: a sociological perspective, a case study of Aba Central District. Five objectives were addressed in order to successfully conduct the study.

The survey method through the use of questionnaires was used to collect the information. One hundred and twenty randomly selected pastors and members were used.

The study found that AG’s seminary school staff members are grossly made up of candidates who graduate from her theological institutes. It was also found that AG constitutes a body that helps her obtain, formulate and update the education curriculum for her theological institutes.

In order to ensure that AG’s theological institutes build on the spirituality and practicality required to ignite the powers within every minister of the gospel, the study recommends that AG should build into their curriculums a transformative system of learning to assist pastors to interrogate their conceptions of God and thus build a change in their relationship with God and society.

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