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Website Designing

Blog/ Business/ Organization...

Create a website to showcase your expertise or profession or your business’s products and services to the world. It could be you, your business, an organization, or an institution.

website designing

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e-Commerce/ Online Store

Create an eCommerce website or an online store to showcase your products to the world. Customers will be able to place orders and make payments online from any location.

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Website Maintenance


N 20,000 /month


N 65,000 /month

Data Analysis

Data and Research Analysis

We assist students, businesses, and institutions perform data analysis at various levels. The importance of data in business decision-making cannot be overemphasized. We are also aware of the knowledge limitation of many undergraduates in the area of data analysis and interpretations.

Data Analysis & Visualization Tools

Microsoft Excel, Power BI

Programming & Wrangling Tools

R-Programming, Python

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